A Day In The Life Of A CNA

It is important that you understand in details the career that you are going to work so hard to go for. When you decide to become a certified nursing assistant you are looking for a reliable job that requires a small amount of training to it. Still, you should understand what to expect when you start your first job.


When your shift starts in the morning you will most likely be required to get the patients dressed and help them use the bathroom or with any other grooming needs. Some might also need help eating. Expect to feed them breakfast if the patient is elderly or extremely ill. After that you will need to take their vitals and recording the details. You will have several patients so you need to be quick and efficient.


When the afternoon rolls around you will be called to take patients to their specified appointments, make beds, and feed them their lunch. Vitals will need to be taken once again if the patient is elderly or extremely ill.


During the evening hours you will need to help patients put their pajamas on and feed them dinner. Vitals must once again be taken and you might have to give them a bath if they need one.

Other Responsibilities

As you can see the day in the life of a CNA is busy and you are always called to be helping one patient or another. Other tasks that you might have to help them with is changing diapers and throwing them away or into the wash. You will also be expected to empty catheters and bed pans.

At the end of your shift you will be required to fill out detailed reports for each patient that you were responsible for. Obviously the tasks that you are assigned will vary depending on what type of health care facility you will be working at.