Basic Tasks Of Certified Nursing Assistants

The task of becoming a certified nursing assistant is not that difficult if you understand the general medical terminology and basic anatomy. In fact most CNA programs will only last no more than a year. A few are only a few weeks long. As long as you are able to pass these programs and the state board examination you will officially become a nurseā€˜s assistant.

However, like with any job that you wish to go for it is important to understand the basic things that you will be asked to do. The job description for a typical nurse is someone who is ready to make quick decisions in order to save the life of someone who could possible be dying.

The job description of a nursing assistant is quite different. You will not be required to understand the symptoms that people are having and to determine what disease or illness they are suffering from. Yet, this does not make your job less demanding. In a way you will be required to do the things that others do not always have the time to do.

Personal Hygiene: The most basic task that you will learn is to take care of the personal hygiene of your patient. You must understand the best way to bath, dress, shave them, and anything else that they might need.

Toileting: One of the more difficult things for us to be able to do is help the patient to use the bathroom in anyway that they can. This might only require you to take them to the bathroom. In other instances you will be required to change their bed pans or their adult diapers.

Patient Records: In school you will learn how to take vital signs including; blood pressure, temperature, weight, pulse, and etc. All of this information must be recorded in their medical charts. You must also record any changes that they have experienced.

Giving Medicine: You will be required to administer the proper medicines and doses to each patient.

Diet and Exercise: It is important that you help patients to heal. That is why you must help them eat when they cannot feed themselves and encourage them to get up and walk. People who have had certain surgeries will need to walk around so they can get better and work their muscles.