CNA Programs In Florida

There are a number of certified nursing assistant programs that we will be able to go through. However, it is more prudent for us to go through the one that is in our state so that we will not have to pay twice as much in tuition. Learn about the more popular programs that you will be able to go through when you live in the state of Florida.

The Workforce Central Florida statistics show that central Florida is going to need approximately 1,600 health care employees every year for the next ten years. It is for this reason that they offer CNA programs that are certified and help students to find a job immediately when they graduate.

Lake Technical Center

Lake Technical Center is based out of Eustis – a part of the greater Orlando area. They offer a full program that has been certified by the Florida Department of Education. It will offer students hand on experience and a chance to see what it will be like to work in a hospital. The program will require 165 hours or four months of training.

They will learn anatomy, physiology, nursing, nutrition, infection control, and strong communication skills that can be applied to the health care community. They also offer expanded programs for those who wish to specialize in their career. These expanded programs include the CNA/HHA and the CNA/HHA/PCA.

Brewster Technical Center

The Brewster Technical Center located out of Tampa also requires 165 hours or four months of training. They believe that it is important to teach them about nutrition, emergency care, communication, anatomy, and how to work with older patients. They will also take things further by requiring at least 40 hours of hands on training in a clinical environment.

In order to be accepted into this program you must have, at minimum, a high school diploma or GED. In order to graduate from the program and receive your certificate you must first pass the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant Examination. There are several times during the year that you will be able to sit for this. Make sure to schedule months in advance as it will fill up quickly.

Central Florida Community College

The Central Florida Community College is located in Chiefland that is in Levy County. This school is in a convenient and easy to find location and offers a full education needed to become a certified nursing assistant. They will require 80 hours of teaching inside of the classroom and 40 hours of hands on training at the nearby health and rehab centers. Anyone who passes the program will be able to go on and sit for the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant Examination to receive their certification and find work in central Florida. This is one of the few programs that does not require a high school diploma or GED in order to be accepted.