CNA Programs In Michigan

Anyone living in Michigan and wanting to become a certified nursing assistant should be made aware of the top schools that offer the certified nursing assistant programs that will help them to jump start their career. There are a number of schools, community colleges, and even the American Red Cross that offer these programs.

We have listed two of the most popular and well deserved programs that will help to give you the knowledge that you need in order to succeed. Each one has been certified and when you have completed them you will be ready to completed the state board examination and receive your license to work in a health care facility.

Lansing Community College

Lansing Community College is located in the downtown area of Lansing, Michigan. They offer a few different certificate programs for people wishing to become a nursing aid. Two of the most popular are the Long Term Care Nurse Aides and the Acute and Long Tern Nurse Aid. Before students can be accepted into this program they must receive their Basic Cardiac Life Support Certification from the Red Cross, American Heart Association, or other qualified health care professionals.

Washtenaw Community College

This college is located in the southeastern region of Michigan. They offer 100 credit programs at the main campus and the CNA program is offered through its School of Nursing and Health Science. This certificate program is composed of 90 credit hours of theoretical learning and clinical labs. 26 hours of the 90 credit hour program must be spent in a local health care facility.

Walker Medical Instructional Services

This school is located in Walker, Michigan and was founded in 1998 as a way to help students start their careers in the field of medicine. Their CNA program is 80 credit hours, making it a three to six week course. This will help to prepare them for an entry level position in any nursing facility.

Each student is going to be taught the basic duties of the certified nursing assistant job as well as how to treat the patient and to speak one on one with them. The school has guaranteed that all students pass the examination. If one should fail than they will be given a six to eight hour review class at no charge.