Requirements For CNA Programs

The medical field is usually always open for people who wish to find a reliable job. If you are still deciding if this is what you would love to do for many years than why not start off as a certified nursing assistant. The programs for this career field will only take you a few months and give you basic instructions on how to care for patients.

At this level you will not be required to diagnose problems. That is the job of the LPN, RN, and doctor that will be supervising you. Instead it will be your job to take directions from these people and wash the patient down or give them the medicine or anything else that they might need.

In order to be accepted to any CNA program you must meet a few requirements. Like with anything that you do in college you must have a high school diploma or GED. Some states will require that you have completed 13 years of high school education before you are allowed to enroll in their program.

If you must obtain a GED than you must obtain a passing score suitable to enter into the program. The test results and the requirements for the program will vary depending on what state you are in and what school you go through.

Most CNA programs will last between six to twelve weeks at a time when done full time. You will be able to find these programs at your nearest university, hospital, community college, or Red Cross.

Before you are allowed to be given your license you must first be given a CPR certification. This is usually a one day course that you can take through the Red Cross or the American Heart Association.

Each year your CNA and CPR certification must be renewed. This helps the state and health care facilities to know that you are up to date with new materials and that you understand and remember everything that must be done.